Not everyone can say they are “living the dream.” Lance Larson can. A lifelong love of bicycles, along with a passion for helping others, has landed Larson in the coveted position of “dream job.” Lance was born and raised in Bismarck, ND. A childhood steeped BMX and under-the-bed-burritos led to mountain bikes, muscle cars, and jobs at several local Bismarck area bike shops. A mechanical aptitude handed down from his father, Larry, instilled in Lance a passion for performance, whether working on PK Rippers or Chevy LUV pickups. After a stint as a prison guard at the ND State Penitentary, Lance struck out with the same entrepreneurial spirit that guided him as a paper boy in his youth, and started 'Lancescaping' a full-service lawn and snow care business. The allure of being your own boss and working outside were strong draws, but eventually Lance realized that he wasn't following his true, core passion, — repairing, riding, and getting others excited about bikes, and in 2014, Larson's Cyclery was born. Larson’s Cyclery is a small, family-friendly shop, catering to all levels of cycling enthusiasts. With Lance’s smiling mug behind the counter every day, and with a core commitment to top-notch customer service, Larson’s Cyclery has quickly established itself as the premier cycling shop in Burleigh County, with customers ranging far across western North Dakota and beyond. 🏁

Thinking of buying a new bicycle? What you get has everything to do with where you buy. Bicycles aren't like groceries, quality and safety come before finding a bargain.

Not only can you find your next bike at Larson's Cyclery, but we can customize it to fit your needs. From the avid mountain biker, to the Sunday joyrider, we have the bike for you.

About Us

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